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As a professor you enrich, encourage, and support an individual’s development from a student to business professional. You help us develop into value-centered leaders through assignments that combine entrepreneurial thought, an ethical focus, and global adaptation. Your fearless character always has a worthy purpose. You inspire individuals to be the best that they can be. Life is about perseverance- you are living proof of this statement. Love your “Keep Driving” spirit!

D. Sanchis, Wake Forest University

The training delivered to our staff gave them a realization that their ‘summer job’ had more impact than they thought. We love the energy that Michelle brought. We had a day-long training event and the session before Michelle was pretty content heavy. When Michelle began her session, she first connected and made the training relevant to the audience and she had their attention from there!

J. Young, Sr. Program Director, YMCA

The Best Professor in the World. Thanks for always inspiring me!!!

J. Potts, Johnson C. Smith University

You sold me the car and I’m still driving!! My absolute favorite professor! I admire you in so many ways. Truly my inspiration. Miss ya Professor Horton!

S. Russell, Johnson C. Smith University

Michelle’s experiences in the corporate sector, academia and as an entrepreneur, credibly supported her message on individual BRANDING. Also, Michelle’s magnetic personality assists in her strong delivery. What I like best about the YOUniversity Drive experience is the personalization! Michelle always personalizes her presentation to the individuals/audiences in which she is delivering the message. I would absolutely recommend Michelle to represent, her business – YOUniversity Drive, motivational speaking and/or for an agency’s training needs. When conducting business with Michelle, you will experience professionalism, creativity, contagious energy and an exceptional outcome.

S. Neely, Program Director of Project L.I.F.T., Communities In Schools

Prof. Horton is AMAZING. She is an ideal example of how you can still be yourself while accomplishing all of your goals. She has taught me the importance of putting your personality into everything you do. If you don’t like her, you’re probably jealous, lol!!

K. Blount, Wake Forest University