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YOUniversity Drive approach

YOUniversity Drive’s simple approach to promoting college and career success centers around three focus areas:

  • ACCESS & EXPOSURE: Allowing access to people, perspectives and practices that will create transformational experiences
  • RELEVANT RELATION”SHIPS”: Building PartnerSHIPS™, SponsorSHIPS™, InternSHIPS™, ScholarSHIPS™, and MentorSHIPS™ with companies, schools and organizations
  • PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Encouraging participants to own their success and rise above circumstances that might otherwise limit them

Since launching in 2010, YOUniversity Drive has delivered programs, events and connections that have reached over 3,000 students and professionals directly, along with thousands of others indirectly through social media and word of mouth.

We have successfully connected students with internships, mentorships, employment opportunities and valuable relationships through our “SHIPS” platform.