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Aug 25 2015

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

It’s been said that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And even the songstress Rhianna reminds us to “shine bright like a diamond.” While not everyone owns diamonds, the fact is that each of us has an opportunity to “shine.” We all have unique characteristics that can help us to truly stand out.

To understand how you can shine, it is essential to do a quick geology class recap of the key characteristics of diamonds.

We can then draw some parallels for how best to genuinely SHINE in a world full of sparkly – but not always substantive – objects. Diamonds after all are the real thing and you shine best when you’re authentic!

Diamonds are the hardest known natural material on Earth. They conduct heat 5 times faster than copper, (explaining why they feel cold to the touch). Diamonds are the most transparent material known, meaning that they reflect visible light, ultra-violet light, and infrared light, and that they bend light. A diamond can serve an insulator or a conductor, so it can either block electricity or allow electricity to pass through it, and my favorite, it can take intense heat, intense pressure and can survive intact in environments that would easily destroy other materials be it physical or chemical forces.

So what does that mean for you beyond being well prepared for the next science trivia question you encounter? The fact is that there are several lessons you can take and apply to your life. 

We call these the “Diamond Principles” and they are guaranteed to make you shine!

1. The characteristics of diamonds serve as a reminder that in your natural state of origin you were born to both stand out and to withstand the elements with which you will interact. This means you are tough and being comfortable with who you are – the way you were created – is a fundamental element to shining.

2. Your unique ability to filter, process, absorb, reflect, allow, or block those things that will cross your path will can only help to intensify your brilliance. As you encounter things in life – both good and bad – you learn from them and through these experiences come out all the better.

3. Your capacity to take a little heat and a little pressure, especially when it serves the purpose of refinement, will indeed set you apart from those who fold under pressure. So many people allow themselves to be totally thrown off their game by challenges. The truth is that life is full of obstacles and when we address them with the right perspective, we stand taller, not defeated. Diamonds are born out of intense pressure!

4. Diamonds are rare. You don’t just find diamonds anywhere and to uncover them often takes work and toil. You should understand your unique talents and characteristics – those things that give you passion and that you naturally do better than others. This doesn’t mean being bodacious or arrogant. It does mean claiming your brilliance by operating at your BEST.

Team YOUDrive is committed to preparing students and young professionals for the real world because we understand that the competition is real, the challenges that will be faced are real and the demand for results is real.

This requires that you stay relevant and, like a DIAMOND, you REFLECT on those things that will set you apart. Prepare by positioning yourself to stand out for all the right reasons!

Need a little help polishing up your Diamond Principles?  Connect with us today!