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Nov 18 2015

Riddle Me This…Would You Hire You?

Guest blogger Melanie Anderson shares nuggets of insight that any young professional will appreciate. Enjoy and leave a comment. We want to hear from you!

I often interact with people who SAY they desire to get to the next level, but who lack the work ethic, commitment and focus required to get there. Trey Songz suggests he, “wants the money, money and cars, cars and clothes…I suppose, I just wanna be successful.” Everyone wants the promotion, the company car, the office with a view, or to walk away from a job and start their own successful business where they’ll make boss moves and call big shots. Unfortunately rarely are people willing to sacrifice what is ultimately required to advance to the next level, even on the smallest scale.

Seeing so many who attempt to cut corners or give the least effort possible leaves me pondering a question that I invite you to consider as well. If your ultimate goal is to either play a significant role in a successful company or to run a successful operation of your own, ask yourself the question, “would I hire me?” It’s a simple but important question that requires an honest answer.

Your answer shouldn’t be based on whether you need a job or that you’ve either recently completed or will complete your college degree. This is not a question about charity but about your talent. Give some thoughtful consideration to whether or not you’ve got the drive, discipline and work ethic you’d want an employee to have if you were making the hiring decisions. 

Do you demonstrate the characteristics associated with high-level success or do you simply talk them? 

When it comes to a professional expectations, are you falling short or exceeding them?

If you had to think long and hard about these questions, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your game plan, or establish one, to become the employee you would want to hire. 

Success comes at a price and evidence suggests that the average person doesn’t want to pay it…they merely want to reap the benefits. If success is what you are in search of, you have to be better than average and you have to do so consistently. Position yourself to “make your next move your best move.” Solidify the foundation for your professional reputation so that when the question is asked about hiring you, either by you or someone else, the answer is “YES, without hesitation.”

Just “wanna be successful” as the lyrics suggest? Work for it!