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Mar 21 2016

It’s Spring! Your Main Focus is to Remain Focused!

“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait, it’s a text, a tweet – you’ve got mail and voicemail and LOTS of it!” Sound familiar? If you’re like many, what used to be a full plate has now been upgraded to a platter, and finding time to get it all done seems nearly impossible some days!

With temperatures rising, new flowers in bloom and chirping birds beckoning you to sing along, it’s clear that the wind of welcomed change is in the air; well, unless you have allergies, but that’s another piece. Having been at the mercy of winter, it’s easy to want to break loose and soak up a little sun, because after all, all work and no fun is, well…NO FUN! But before you get a case of spring fever, it’s essential that you identify ways to remain focused on those critical goals and deadlines. These 4 tips can help you stay the course:

Tip #1: Put It on Paper: While it sounds easy enough, writing down what you need to accomplish can serve as a focal point when you get off track. When you put it on paper, you create a binding contract with yourself and a clear picture to create more realistic goals.

Tip #2: Ditch the Distractions: Ann Veskomp’s quote provides a lesson in basic math that is not always easily applied: “The virus of distraction is cured by subtraction!” Remain focused by ditching the distractions. Apply the concept of “spring cleaning” to your daily routines. Regularly undergo the process of purging your life of the non-essentials and you automatically free up time for important projects.

Tip #3: Practice Self Discipline: “What lies in our power to do, lies in our power, not to do.” Aristotle’s quote simplifies self-discipline. Is case you’re new here, there will ALWAYS be distractions, so you must always be in control. Be willing to hold yourself accountable and exercise discipline amidst the distractions.

Tip #4: Reward Yourself: We either recall being rewarded with our favorite treat for earning all A’s on our report card or wishing we had been. The excitement of a reward for hard work isn’t just reserved for children, however. Whether it’s a trip to the spa, a weekend with friends, or splurging on your favorite dessert, creating a system of reward is a great way to motivate you to remain focused on your priorities.

Finding ways to center your attention can keep you from becoming sidetracked and will ultimately maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. While there are countless other ways to manage your time and ensure you remain focused, the key is to start somewhere and to start NOW!

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