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Sep 22 2015

It’s An Inside Job: Recruiter Tips You Should Know

The difference between you getting your next job offer, or not, really comes down to preparation. In a competitive job market, it “pays” to be prepared and understand what your interviewer is looking for in a candidate.

The YD Team reached out to a few recruiters and placement specialists to get the inside scoop. When it comes to positioning yourself as a quality candidate, there are a few things you should know from the experts. We’ve featured 5 tips today but don’t worry…we promise to share more in the coming months from our extensive list of insights recruiters shared with us.

Hopefully these will prove to be useful when preparing for your next big break!

Tip #1: Your resume speaks for you before you ever open your mouth: It serves as your interview to determine whether you get the interview. If it doesn’t speak highly of you, you won’t have the opportunity to speak for yourself, plain and simple. Errors count and they count against you. With many resumes only being scanned (be it electronically or a quick eye scan), one error and someone may miss what an amazing candidate you are. Have your resume professionally designed, re-designed or at least professionally critiqued. Remember, your resume is your representative.

Tip #2: Just because you’re qualified doesn’t mean you’ll get the job: While you may be highly qualified for the position you apply for, employers look for more than qualifications. They look for the right fit and the right attitude. There is nothing worse that accepting a position for a job you clearly know is not right for you, well except for maybe being the person who hired you to begin with. Like a tailored suit or the perfect pump, employers are looking for the BEST fit.

Tip #3: Hope and good luck are NOT part of a solid career development plan: If you’re not prepared before you pick up the call for a phone interview or worse, walk into an in-person interview unprepared, consider it a wrap. Competition in this market is fierce and quality seeks quality. If you won’t prepare for your interview, no recruiter will be convinced that you’ll prepare for the job that needs to be done. Don’t wish for it, work for it!

Tip #4: Focus on what makes you STAND OUT: When it comes to applying, your competition likely possesses a skill-set or educational background and training that is similar to yours, that’s why it’s important to focus on what makes you unique. Learn how to successfully package and deliver what makes you MOST marketable.

Tip #5: The Resume – General vs. Specific: Consideration should always be given to what all you provide on a resume. When submitting to a number of prospective employers you want to keep your qualifications generalized but when seeking a specific position within a specific company, take the extra time to customize your resume and make it more specific to the position you are hoping to secure.

Stay focused and #KeepDriving!
-Team YOUDrive