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Mar 14 2016

Get Behind the Wheel of Your Own Success: 4 Don’t Miss Tips

By now, there’s a good chance you’ve been both a passenger and a driver while en route to a particular destination. Whether maneuvering through traffic on a wide open road, in a construction zone, or in inclement weather, you’ll likely agree with one truth – we feel a GREATER sense of CONTROL when we are behind the wheel.

When it comes to your personal and professional success, this same mindset can and should be applied. Thinking about the future and how best to prepare, means that you learn to successfully make transitions as you travel toward your goals.

When driving a car, you let others know your intention to change lanes by using your turn signal. You not only signal but also are careful to check your rear view and side mirrors to make sure you have a clear path. Making successful transitions in life requires much of the same. Whether going from high school to college or college to the workforce, you will be required to exercise discipline, direction, dedication and of course DRIVE; and to do that, you have to shift from the passenger’s seat and get behind the wheel.

“Getting Behind the Wheel” differs for everyone based on his or her unique set of circumstances. The YOUniversity Drive team is all about helping you take control and encourages you to put the 4 points below into practice to prepare for the DRIVE ahead.

1. Accelerate Your Accountability: When you’re behind the wheel, you don’t get an indicator signaling you to accelerate or to break. As a driver, you have to be disciplined if you plan to make progress towards your destination. That means taking ownership of what falls within your realm of responsibility. No one wants borrowed success so you’ve got to OWN it from go and accept the joys – and sometimes disappointments – along your journey.

2. Seek Direction: While detours and distractions are inevitable on any journey, you can avoid endless wandering by simply asking for directions. Don’t hesitate to stop and seek direction but ensure it’s from a source that is both qualified and trustworthy. There is a reason navigation systems ask if we want to use our current location. Solid direction will increase your mileage and maximize your travel time.

3. Exhibit Drive: When preparing for success, you have to show initiative. Not everyone is traveling in your direction, nor is everyone as equipped to accompany you on the drive. Truth be told, there are people who are actually obstacles on your journey and they can prevent you from reaching your destination. A quote by David Mahoney may sum it up best, “There comes a moment when you have to stop revving up the car and shove it into gear.” So as the old adage goes, “this is where the rubber meets the road.” DRIVE sets people apart. Exhibit DRIVE to separate yourself from those who are simply in neutral or even worse, in reverse.

4. Chart Your Progress: Establish personal mile markers along the way. Allow them to serve as benchmarks to indicate you are on the right path. Ask yourself the dreaded question you asked on long road trips as a child, “Am I there yet?” Although the answer may be “no,” the fact is you are driving and you are getting closer!

While it may seem overwhelming, getting behind the wheel of your own success is really about identifying what you want to achieve and taking the necessary steps to get there. Be it taking advantage of professional development and training opportunities, identifying a professional mentor or coach to provide direction along the way, or simply owning where you are at this moment so that you can identify the best route to reach your desired goals, your success depends on the level of control – and commitment – you exhibit along the way.

Are you taking ownership of your success? Team YOUDrive would love to know how you DRIVE and we may share it with the YD community!