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Jul 29 2015

From Fired to Fired Up: How to Rebound from A Let Down

You successfully completed your degree and finally walk across the stage; the stage that at one point you may have questioned ever reaching. You take all of the insight and knowledge gained in the classroom and from your mentors along the way and DO just what you had planned. You ace the interview and land your first real job, possibly your dream job. It’s in your field, you’re earning a salary, and you think you are making a valuable contribution to the workplace. You’re proud of all you’ve done and are ready to shout from the rooftops, “Look at me world…I’m on top!”

So now all you can think about is what’s next? A new corner office with an amazing view, regular power lunches with the CEO, your own personal expense account, a company car; the list of things running through your mind about what COULD come is endless. You’ve got this in the bag. Or so you think. Somehow the mimicked sound of Donald Trump uttering the words, “You’re Fired” didn’t cross your mind, not ONCE. So how is it that you find yourself now sitting on the couch, television muted, filtering through thoughts of what was and what happened? Asking yourself “how did the beginning come to an end so quickly?”

Truth is, there could be any number of reasons, reasons we won’t delve into now, but simply put, when people are on the path to success, they often miss some of the warning signs along the journey. Namely, how well they are safeguarding their own success. Not just current, but future success as well. While we can all appreciate comfort, it’s important to not lose sight of the fact that becoming too comfortable may come at a cost, especially in a professional environment.

The good news is you’re not the first to be fired and you won’t be the last, but you can take steps to ensure you’re not on the receiving end of future firings. Here are some useful tips to help you go from being fired to FIRED UP.

1. Accept responsibility for your actions and make a commitment to hold yourself to a greater level of accountability when you secure your NEXT opportunity. Own the disappointment and don’t make excuses or give yourself a never ending pity party.

2. Don’t focus on the loss; it’s in the past. Instead, focus on the lessons you learned and how you can apply them to future successes.

3. Avoid repeating the same habits! While it’s easy to feel like you’re “getting by,” someone is taking notice and everything you do will ultimately count for you or against you. Use better judgment to avoid getting too comfortable again and intentionally separate work and personal matters.

4. Take advantage of professional training and development to position you to get BACK behind the wheel of your own success. One of the best ways to recharge after a disappointment is to invest in sharpening your skills to prepare for the next opportunity.

In short, being fired can be the fuel for you to refocus. Don’t let the devastation keep you from reaching your destination. KEEP DRIVING!